SQL Hosting

What is SQL Hosting?

SQL Hosting term refers to an online hosting service which offers database backend for your website. Using web hosting company that offers SQL database hosting can help you learn SQL and develop dynamic websites with SQL database backend.

SQL hosting on Linux

Most Linux SQL Hosting providers offer MySQL database as a standard feature with their hosting plans. Sometimes you will see PostgreSQL offer with Linux plans as well. Oracle is another RDBMS that runs on Linux/UNIX, but SQL hosting plans with Oracle are rather rare.

SQL Hosting on Windows

If you prefer Windows as an operating system then you have more choices of SQL hosting back ends. The MS SQL Server is the most popular database server fro Windows, that's why many hosting companies offer SQL hosting featuring MS SQL Server (these hosting plans are frequently called SQL Server Hosting). SQL Server runs on Windows only. You can see Windows SQL hosting with Oracle database support, but these hosting offerings tend to be expensive, that's why not many companies offer Oracle SQL hosting. A good option for Windows SQL hosting is MySQL and most Windows hosting businesses offer MySQL database support. Another popular SQL hosting choice for Windows is MS Access, but this database is recommended only for small websites with limited number of daily visitors.

Getting SQL Hosting

The days of the static websites are long gone and behind every popular site nowadays sits a SQL database backend. If you want to develop quality, easy to maintain website, you need a SQL hosting account, with enterprise level database server like MS SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL. The SQL hosting plans have become more affordable in recent years, and you can order a SQL hosting for less than $10 per month.