SQL Tutorial

Our SQL Tutorial is a free educational website which will teach you how to program and use SQL. Our sql tutorial explains the most important SQL clauses, keywords and functions, as well as general SQL and relational database management systems concepts.

Our SQL Tutorial starts with in troduction to SQL language and Relational Database Management Systems, and then moves on to simple and frequently used SQL clauses like SELECT, WHERE, UPDATE, and DELETE. After you have familiarized yourself with these basic SQL concepts and SQL clauses, the tutorial explains more complicated SQL concepts including table relationships, primary and foreign keys and database normalization, joining tables, views, and indexes.

Although there are existing SQL standards, most popular relational database management systems like MS SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 use their own SQL dialect (also know as SQL extension or SQL implementation) of one of the SQL standards (ISO or ANSI). We have strived to remain dialect independent and most of the examples in this tutorial can be applied to most major SQL implementations.

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